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Q. What camera do you use to take your photographs?
A. I use a Sony A700 DSLR with a Carl Zeiss 16-80mm lens.

Q. Do you buy all the items you review?
Unless otherwise stated, everything I review or feature has either been bought by me, or bought for me by friends/family as a gift. (One item was won in a blog contest.) If I were to receive anything from PR/a brand, I’d say so in the post.

I will try to take great photographs & review products to the best of my ability, whether bought by me, or provided to me. However, I don’t guarantee that I will review items for any particular deadline, I prefer to work at my own pace. I can’t guarantee that I will review things favorably, or at all if they don’t end up being right for my blog. I will always write a review noting my personal & honest opinions on a product.

If I sound like I’m someone you’d be willing to work with, then do feel free get in contact with me!