Makeup Tutorials for 40 Year Old Women

At the age of 40, you begin to have age spots, wrinkles, and the skin is no longer smooth. This is the time when you need to follow a special skincare regime. And of course, even the makeup must be changed to suit your age.  Here are makeup tutorials for 40 year old women. Take a look!

Makeup Tutorials for 40 Year Old Women

Before embarking on makeup, focus on your eyebrows. Use a special knife or tweezers to edit the eyebrows neatly. After trimming the eyebrows, use a thin layer of cream to soothe the skin around the eyebrows.

Create a perfect layer with concealer at age 40

Jennifer Trotter shared that “Moistening the skin, give the time to skin tie to thoroughly absorb the foundation before applying a light makeup. This is a good method for women in their 40s. A too thick layer of chalk is not a way to look younger. ”

Before applying the foundation, especially on dry skin you should use a moisturizer.  Apply it evenly on the skin and pat on the face to help skin look soft. Next, apply the best foundation for dry skin over 40 onto the face, including the skin around the eyes. Only use a thin, lightweight foundation layer and take care of the skin but also allow the cream to absorb on your face. Avoid rubbing too hard or using too thick foundation as this will reveal the wrinkles as well as blemishes.

Makeup Tutorials for 40 Year Old Women

To hide the signs aging, it is advisable to use concealer under the eye area, especially on dark circles. Also, use it a bit at the corners of the eyes.

After this, apply a thin layer of face powder to make the skin look smoother. Gently rub the powder in a direction perpendicular to the skin, avoiding strong strokes. This will make the powder look smooth and free from stickiness as well as thickening.

Focus on the Eye Makeup for Age 40

The eyes are the area that shows the most visible signs of age. So, the biggest way of concealing eyes at the age of 40 is to apply makeup to the eyes.

Always use primer

Eyeshadow is an essential product in the makeup process. A primer or foundation helps keep makeup smooth and lasting all day long. The eyes are sensitive and easily get affected by bad skin products. Therefore, you should pay attention to choose the best makeup products with moisture and light texture for the eye area.

Choose warm tones

Women in their 40s should use light-colored eyeshadows, but avoid the overly glossy, gaudy emulsion. According to makeup experts, warm tones help eyes look brighter and younger. In contrast, the dark gray color only makes the eyes look dull and tired. Therefore, choose an eyeshadow palette with warm tones to create radiant and attractive eyes.

You can also use light brown shade to cover the entire eyelid. Further, you can use coffee shade to press the upper eyelid. Use eyelid patches to make your eyes feel younger.

At age 40, you should not use too much foundation on your eyes. Choose a foundation product, appropriate eye cream, and quality adhesion, to avoid stain after makeup.

Use brown Eyeliner

When buying eyeliner, use pencil eyeliner to create a natural feeling. You can use a black or brown pencil. Avoid using too dark and strong eyeliner. Specifically, when decorating the upper and lower eyelids, use a light brown powder. After this, use a pencil or brown eyeliner or coffee to outline the eyes. For a more natural look, use a cotton swab to gently spread the shades around the eyelids.

Draw eye contour upwards

With old age, eyelids start to drop, therefore, to avoid the attention of another person to your eyelids use eye contour. The contour will make the eyes look bigger and fuller as well. Draw a thin line along the upper lashes with contour.

Do not forget mascara

Applying mascara is also an important part of eye makeup, so you should not ignore this step. Mascara helps lashes look thick and curved, creating a sense of big round eyes. However, to prevent unsightly curdling, always clean the mascara brush tip before use. For a younger look, it’s best to apply mascara on your upper lashes. Because this helps you to avoid the dark area under the eye due to smudging mascara.

Besides, do not forget to regularly use eye creams containing anti-aging ingredients.

Focus On Eyebrows

It can be said that, on the woman’s face, eyebrows are an important part of an attractive look. The right eyebrow style helps the face look more elegant and attractive. At the age of 40, you should avoid choosing horizontal eyebrows because it will create a feeling of artificial eyebrows.

According to a makeup artist, you should choose slightly curved eyebrows with an up at the tail. This makes a face more harmonious. Note, before starting the eyebrow, make sure you have neatly trimmed eyebrows.

Also, choose a slightly light color than the hair color when drawing your eyebrows. This will make eyebrows look natural and show the inherent softness. However, using too dark eyebrow color will only make you look older.

Ignore the trend and choose a light lip color

Big brands are constantly changing their direction to serve customers. But in your 40s, follow the trends will most likely only make you look older. According to Jennifer Trotter, you should ignore trends such as “vivid colors, the trend of lashes curling and glitter.”

When applying lip makeup, use a lip liner of the same color as the lipstick to cover the wrinkles around your lips. Prioritize light lip balm. Limit dark colors if you don’t want to look a few years older. If you have dark skin, you can use orange, pink, beige, and apricot lipstick. As for women with light-colored skin, they can use light pink or peach lipstick.