Top 10 First Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Wife

After the perfect delivery of your healthy baby, to release the stress from your husband’s head is also important. Being a good wife, you need to make his father’s day special as it will be his first one after all and it will be a precious one. Listed below are some great ideas to gift him:


The mug that you are planning to gift to your husband must not be an ordinary one but something very unique. It must be marked as the funny father’s day mugs from wife and will make him feel fresh and rejuvenate after a long tiring day. For the whole day, he runs behind looking after his little baby and changing his diaper, making him drink milk and whatnot. So, he also needs a break. The coffee mug that you are planning to buy must be an insulated one so that the coffee remains hot for a long time.


After having a baby, the new daddy hardly takes time out for himself as he running behind fulfilling the needs of the little one. So, for his first father’s day shirts can be the best gift to present as it will keep him warm and relaxed and will make him look like a cool daddy. Unlike the shirt with graphic design that he used to ear during college days, you must opt for something that will make him look young as well as a responsible parent.

Photo Book

The photo book is the best present to gift your husband as it will keep all the precious moments he has spent with his baby. It must be a fabric book so that it allows in choosing the size, fabric color, an image he wants to install as well as the number of pages in the book. He can download the image of his baby from the drive media and instantly from a baby album for himself.


Along with the baby’s important clothes. The father also needs to get warm and feel relaxed. The hoodie will make him feel better and relax as it will allow him to breathe and is the perfect replacement for the diaper as it has many built-in compartments for the baby whenever he needs and whatever he needed. Your gift will allow him to store the milk bottle, diaper as well as the baby wipes.

Family Portrait

Along with the photo frame, you can gift him the beautiful portrait which is in a graphic form so that he can place it in his office and it can act as a customized gift for him. You can also install the illustrating photo that will give a good look at your home or at his office and it will always light his mood by looking at the photo of his little baby. It will always remind him of the precious moment that he has spent with his little one and you.

Coffee Bottle

The bottle of the coffee will make him feel active during the night shift where he has to look after the baby. You can also send him the subscription also where he can get an instant coffee for himself for every week and during midnight, he will be actively doing his duty without falling asleep. The coffee in the western areas especially acts as the sidekick for those who need to work at night.

Beer Bottle

If you are planning to gift your husband at the father’s day and you are left with no time then the beer bottle is the best last-minute gift for him. He will be really happy by having this gift as he can enjoy his first father’s day by draining out all the stress and he will feel relaxed. And the next morning he will be feeling fresh and rejuvenated and he will be actively participating in the baby care.

Wine Cup

When your husband is on an off from the daddy’s duty on his first father’s day then he will be enjoying it over a cup of wine. Without the dilution, the wine will be chilled as cold and will finally act as an ultimate solution as your husband might be a wine lover and he will be really chilling on his D – day.

Drawing Book

The drawing kit must be the best option for him to get chilled on his first father’s day and he can well spend his day with his baby. This is something that he will love to do with his child and he will also enjoy it and the kit must have something interactive and fun-loving activities. Usually, the men love the color and love to paint, so they both can enjoy doing some unusual activities included in the drawing books.


This is something which is very important for the new daddy on his first father’s day and he can use it on his phone or on the charger. While touching his baby and using his phone at the same time, no transferring of the bacteria happens and he will not get disinfected and your baby. You can save your child and your husband from any infection and it is a smart decision to gift him on his first father’s day.


Becoming a dad is something very special for a man and after baby and mother, he also wants to get pampered and feel important. Having a baby comes with a lot of responsibility and to ease the situation, the wife can help him feel relax with the above-listed items. You can gift him something that he was craving for a long time or that will help him in keeping stress free. We highly hope that this article will surely help you in giving your husband sometimes where he can enjoy yourself after taking care of both your child.