Does Your Body Odor Change in Early Pregnancy?

Fowl body odor is one of the most embarrassing situations one can face during the period of pregnancy. It is supposed to be a natural phenomenon in the gestation period. Our body odor keeps on changing with the change in the hormonal position in our body. In females, at the time of ovulation, the level of hormones, mainly estrogen and progesterone, keeps on fluctuating. Hence, variation in body odor is prevalent in the case of pregnancy, because at that time, estrogen levels are at peak for the consecutive nine months.

Eleven possible factors responsible for changing odor, including pregnancy: there are many causes for why your body or mouth smells terrible. Some of the potential reasons for this might be any of the following.

Not taking a shower:

When you put a massive gap between your bathing days, it might lead to a seriously bad smell from your body, especially underarms. Therefore you are advised to shower daily and use a gentle and refreshing soap or body wash for feeling fresh.

High sweating:

It is a complicated issue in some people to face high sweating. Sweating is caused due to the secretion of sweat from eccrine and apocrine glands in the human body. Heavy sweating should be stopped, and there are measures to decrease the level of sweat, such as using deodorants and avoiding excess gymnastics and others.


You might smell bad during your gestation period, and the fluctuations and disturbances in hormones level are causing extreme embarrassment to you in public places, and hence for this, the best deodorant for pregnancy is the one containing tea tree fragrance in it.


When females reach the age of fifty or plus, they face a state when their body stops producing the female reproductive hormones, mainly estrogen and progesterone. Their body either stops their secretion or lowers the level of secretion.

Food items:

There are some kinds of food that become the cause of the false odor, either from the body or from the mouth. Therefore, for a better scent, it is necessary to avoid or decrease their consumption. These foods are eggs, milk, garlic, onion, and many others.


Heavy drinking of alcohol is one of the main causes of why your body smells so bad. Regular consumption of alcoholic drinks is a major cause of concern when you face the problem of foul odor. You need to cut its usage as early as possible.


When you inhale tobacco in the form of smoke, it not only increases the chances of bad breath but is the source of many lethal diseases such as lung cancer and throat cancer. Therefore, it is strictly advised to stop consuming cigarettes and hookahs.


Taking excessive stress daily due to various reasons related to finance, health, or any others might increase the risk of brain hemorrhage along with the problem of bad breath. Hence, it is highly suggested to cease taking tension and start feeling calm and relaxed. You can also try meditation and yoga for better results. Consumption of medications should be avoided.

Strong medicines:

In-taking certain strong and a heavy dosage of medicines is supposed to cause extreme bad odor problems because some medicinal companies use animal flesh while manufacturing them. Hence, the medicines should be eaten with the proper prescription from your doctor, and you should also ask for medicine for the side effect of the first medicine.

Vaginal infections:

When your vagina is not thoroughly cleaned daily, it might create trouble for ladies linked to itchiness and bad-smelling pubic area. Therefore, using a gentle, intimate wash with no harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients in it is highly recommended.


It is the most common gum disease known to affect the smell of the mouth, generally leading to foul-smelling breath. Plaque mounts up in this case around the beginning of the teeth. They are bacterial filled tartar and plaques. It is advised to seek help from an expert dentist in this case.


People having high sugar levels in their blood are more prone to the issue of sweating. They are suggested to take anti-sweat pills with a proper prescription from their physician. Avoid eating too many sugary foods when you are a diabetic.

How to Resolve the Issue of a Vaginal Infection?

Vaginal infection is commonly caused by yeast formation. Taking anti-fungal medicines for a continuous period of seven days from your gynecologist will treat it right away, along with it, having a cup full of curd once a day is highly recommended. It the infection gets worse instead of minimizing, in those seven days, it is advised to consult your gynecologist immediately.

How to Get Rid of the Excessive Sweating Issue?

It is suggested to wear breathable cotton fabrics in the time of summer to avoid excess sweating because synthetic fibers are one of the primary reasons for enhancing this problem. It is also recommended to use antiperspirant before going to bed as they block the sweat ducts at high levels. Along with it, avoid eating garlic and onion at an extensive level.

How to Treat a Bad Gum Problem?

If you are facing the problem of pyorrhea, then it is suggested to go to a dentist. But for temporary relief in gum pain, eating warm food items might help you with this issue. Along with it, gargle with salt water to get instant relief from pain. Bleeding gum problem is common in pyorrhea and can be solved with homemade herbal sprays. Cold compressions can also assist you in relieving severe pain in teeth and gums.

The final words:

To conclude this whole concept, it is highly suggested to use deodorants to people who suffer from high sweating issues, especially in pregnancy. There are organic and non-toxic products available in the market that can be used by pregnant ladies without any fear of getting harmful diseases like skin or breast cancer.