Common EyeLiner Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid

When you put on that eyeliner, you make mistakes you hope nobody can see. You put on the wrong type of eyeliner, and you don’t realize it until your at a business meeting. Someone looks at you strange one day, and you try your best to act dumb. You know why but its too embarrassing to explain. Your friends shake their head at you. Yes, its not a something you want to deal with ever. We want to help you with your eyeliner mistakes and get you back into focus. View the mistakes you need to avoid when putting on eyeliner below.

Common Eye Liner Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid

Eyeliner flick drops Too Low

The end part of the eyeliner is suppose to be dropped at the right spot. Its not something you know right from the back. Getting the best drugstore liquid eyeliner does not fix the problem either. Practice is the only way to make the part that goes up on the outside of your eye look good. It needs to go up a little. You got to put a skinny snake on your eye lids if you still don’t get. The snake needs to be small and tight. A skinny snake on your eye lid looks ten times better. Make sure every part of it is skinny and tight. The entire angle of the liner needs to be tight. Practice making your eye liner tight.

Forgetting to Freeze the Eyeliner

Forgetting to free the eyeliner you use on your face is really bad. Each product you buy from the best drugstore liquid eyeliner in town has to be dried too. In blunt terms, you lay the eyeliner on your face then use a brush to freeze the eyeliner in place. You free the eyeliner by using a translucent powder after the eyeliner drys. Wait for it to dry then use the translucent eyeliner on the entire eyeliner. It will free the eyeliner in place. Stop you from having eyeliner smears on your eyes. It happens all the time when you don’t free the eyeliner. Always freeze the eyeliner on face to keep it stuck in one spot.

Eyeliner Wing is Not Sharp Enough to Look Good

Looking good is the main reason to use eyeliner. If your goal is not to look good, then you should not be using it. Every eyeliner you put on the face, must look tight and appear to belong. There are many sizes of eyeliner you can try out. But, you have to try them out while you practice. Don’t try anything for any event. Test every eyeliner design you find and see if you can pull it off in public. After you run the tests, you will know the eyeliners designs that look good from the bad ones. Its a test and see process. Pay attention to people’s reactions and let them show you what is good and bad. If you don’t trust the opinions of strangers, then ask your friends if they like the new eyeliner look. Good friends will tell you if its good. Do all of this, you should be looking good with that eyeliner.